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A Heritage of Passion, Commitment and Growth

Lee Cooper has been the foremost European brand in denim. Its heritage goes back more than a 100 years when it first started operations in East London in 1908.

Lee Cooper traces its roots to the production of overalls and work wear.  In the early 1900s where jeans were strictly a workman’s attire, Lee Cooper made tough and durable denim work clothing.  Because of the brand’s unparalleled commitment to the highest quality, it didn’t take long before the company really took off in 1908 and eventually gained the distinction of being the first and oldest authentic denim brand of jeans in Europe. Just in time when England was ready for some rock-&-roll, in the 1950s, Lee Cooper began producing jeans that are so hip it was a crime not to have at least a pair of them back then.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s, almost 70 years after the brand debuted, that Lee Cooper truly transformed into a global brand. During this time, the British fashion brand aggressively expanded into key markets with an equally convincing advertising campaign around the world, most notably in France.

Since then, it has expanded to over 88 countries, including Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the UK. It is also available in Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, India, China, and Korea.

With over 4,000 outlets (700 of which are Lee Cooper stores), the brand has a strong recall, making it one of the most recognizable and accessible brands in the world. No wonder Lee Cooper sells more than 5 million pair of jeans every year.

Now, the British fashion brand, which has become iconic in itself, has rocked-and-rolled its way to Manila’s streets, bringing the same sophisticated and fashionable items that have made it famous the world over.

In August 2012, the Philippines got a slice of the action as Lee Cooper opens its very first store in the country. Denim-nation braces itself as Lee Cooper the British first, most authentic and legendary brand, rocks the fashion world with latest, most stylish and exciting collection ever!

We launched the brand Lee Cooper last August 2012 with a comprehensive Brand and Marketing program. Currently, we are available in 74 department stores nationwide in SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, The Landmark and Gaisano Group of Companies. We are composed of dynamic and aggressive group of Merchandisers, Strategic Marketing and Efficient Sales team to make sure the brand bring the best retail fashion in the country

Since it was launched, Lee Cooper premier stores in Manila promises to provide a fresh way for fashion-forward individuals to express themselves through the clothes and apparels they wear.

Driven by strong and authentic British fashion design from the UK, Lee Cooper carries a complete line and collection for both men and women, including denim jeans, colored pants, denim shorts, capri, cargo pants and shorts, knits, blouses, wovens, jackets, accessories, belts, shoes, bags etc.

It has been a long time coming. But now that the British fashion icon is in the country, it’s just a matter of time before its stylish pieces makes its way to people’s closets, much like how the brand has captured the rest of the world. Talk about a fashionable world domination.

The rock-&-roll attitude that runs through every thread of Lee Cooper merchandises is very much alive and kicking, with an ever growing loyal customer base and strong global credibility.

Born in Britain with expertise in denim, Lee Cooper merchandises look sleek, slim, and sexy; the details always stunning; the cuts and colors a perfect fit; the fabrics and finish a cut above the rest.

With rock-&-roll in its DNA, Lee Cooper is just what the local fashion industry needs now—a dose of fresh Brit sense of style that is second to none. Its genius fashion from the fashion genius without doubt.

Lee Cooper is exclusively manufactured and distributed in the Philippines by Red Diamond Global Trends.