British denims, French botanicals and Antipolo sculptures – Inquirer

This year totally belongs to the Brits, dahlings, because of the successful London Olympics, the number of gold medals they won there and Andy Murray amazing everyone with his awesome performance in the US Open, his first Grand Slam.

In the country, there’s the smashing successful launching of Lee Cooper, the iconic British denim brand, which unveiled its premiere collection at the Grand Ballroom of Resorts World’s posh Marriott Hotel, dahlings.

The venue was awash with the red, white and blue colors of the Union Jack. No less than the British Ambassador, the well-liked Stephen Lillie, welcomed the 400 guests to the latest Lee Cooper collection. At the ballroom foyer was the brand’s equally iconic British namesake, the trendy Mini Cooper, decked out in—what else?—denim, natch.

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