Another Brit arrives in Manila – Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Everytime I encounter anything that is remotely British, I get nostalgic; then I get transported back to my days in the Glasgow, Scotland high street, where I would walk and sit just watching the fashionable people pass by. (Context: I was doing volunteer work for The Prince’s Trust as well as a fashion internship; I hung out at the high street on my downtime.)

What was so great about the people I watched (and photographed) was that style came to them naturally; simple pieces and basics were worn with edge and an attitude, a true reflection of their personality. They needn’t be expensive; at the end of the day, true stylish-ness shines through, expensive outfit or not.

I am a fan of British brands as much as I love and support Filipino brands. So imagine my glee when I realized that Lee Cooper — who did the second show on Philippine Fashion Week Summer 2013 day 3 last October 25 — turned out to be from the UK! (American jeans brand Lee is from Kansas, USA. Don’t get confused.)

As expected, the pieces came off with that natural British attitude you’d see in Oxford Street in London or in Argyle Street in Glasgow. Boy oh boy am I glad the brand’s in Manila! (My mind goes, “Aye!”)

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